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Five Lies and Three Truths of Creativity

I believe, as Neils Bohr once said, that "An expert is a Man who has made every possible mistake in a narrow field of experience." I am the author of the novel The Coffee Shop Goddess, and a digital artist with a small following. In the years it took me to get that following and publish my first book, I made almost every possible mistake an Artist could make. I struggled with money, with my social life, with self-esteem, and to find my voice.

I was unhappy with the life I was living and the results I was getting, but I kept doing what I was doing because I believed five of the biggest lies that many young artists accept:

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  1. That every artist and creative person has to accept that they will be "Starving Artists" for a part of their lives... that Artists don't have, and shouldn't want, money. A creative person's success can only be measured in the way their creations make people feel.
  2. That Creativity is a lonely lifestyle, that you should spend most of your time locked up in your studio or at your desk trying to create, even when that strains your relationships. An Artist can afford to by shy, quiet, and soft-spoken.
  3. Creativity thrives on chaos and disorder: a creative person will be at their best when they are a little disorganized, and stressed out. Creative people are to organization, time management, and personal development as oil is to water.
  4. Creative people have to struggle and be unhappy in order to be at their best. Great creations come out of tormented minds.
  5. You must wait to be discovered before you will find success: it can take years of obscurity and being unknown before your "big breakthrough". Being patient, is absolutely necessary to being a successful Creator.

These are stories we often tell about Artists, Craftspeople, Writers, and Musicians, and they can be pretty easy to believe. When we look at the lives of many of history's greatest creative minds, we can see a little madness, chaos and a lot of struggle, especially with money. The stories of the greats are almost always romanticized and compressed until they seem that way. The truth of their lives is often very different, and their finest periods of creativity rarely coincide with those of their greatest stress.

When a Creative person buys into these stories, it encourages him or her to accept a life that is far less fulfilling than they could have; one that makes creativity more of a struggle than it needs to be. In my case it led to a life full of depression, poverty, loneliness, and struggle that was completely unnecessary.

It is only after I published my first book, and looked back at what a hard road it was that I understood how buying into these stories about Creativity had made me so unhappy. It helped me realize three truths about Creativity that I had missed.

There is a perfect audience out there for every creative soul. You don't need to wait to be discovered, you don't need to struggle, and you don't need to be lonely. Finding friends and kindred spirits and being brave enough to reach out to them will allow you to go to your audience, rather than waiting for them to find you.

You create best from a place of happiness. You are at your wisest, wittiest, and most creative when you have overcome a struggle, and can look back on it with clear sight. Your creations will speak to people like yourself the most when they show both compassion for what your audience is going through, and give them hope that things will be better. From a place of happiness, you also create more, with greater energy and skill - unhappiness drains your creative battery.

All creative people are business people. And like every business person, they need to be likable, to manage their time, to stay organized, and to care for themselves. Like all other businesspeople, an Artist needs to have a vision for the world, clear goals, and a strong support network. And like all other businesspeople, a Creator succeeds by choosing to serve others.

New Worlds Coaching

Understanding these things changed my life for the better. A Creator does not need to starve, to be lonely, to suffer, or to wait. With the right mindset a creative person can thrive, have a vibrant social life, and enough money to sustain themselves.

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